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We are pleased to announce our new addition to our product line up, the “Renegade”


The development of this product has been in response to many requests from potential customers for stainless steel revolver components, target sighted models and to convert revolvers already owned by customers. The Renegade is a step in fulfilling these requests.


The Renegade revolver is a departure from our existing “IN Frame” loading, in that, the Renegade requires the cylinder to be removed from the frame for loading.  The cylinder can be loaded with powder and ball when fitted in the frame but has to be removed to insert and remove primers. Alternatively the cylinder can be loaded out of the frame using a loading stand. The design of the cylinder and rotary back plate is such that the removal and refitting of the cylinder and rotary back plate is completed with relative ease and once mastered the cylinder can be fitted in 2 seconds.


A major advantage of this system is that the revolver can be fed pre-loaded cylinders enabling virtually continuous fire subject to the number of pre-loaded cylinders available.


Having reviewed our projected production balance of existing models alongside the new model range we have been able to price our revolvers both existing and new models at what we believe are exceptionally competitive prices.

All our revolvers are designed for the use of lead ball and shotgun primers.


We have been advised that on some club ranges there is a perceived risk associated with the use of powder dispensers. We have all heard the stories of Black Powder flasks igniting in the hand of a reloader and there may be good reason in restricting the use of loading directly from such a flask.

The perceived risk is that if there were any smouldering embers in a chamber and the flask was use to load that cylinder, the flash back could ignite the powder in the flask.

Our Nitro dispensers do not operate in the same manner as a black powder flask. If you look at the dispenser you will appreciate that there is a carrier within the dispenser separating the reservoir from the dispensing nozzle e.g. a dog leg. Nitro can be hard to ignite at the best of times and in our experience never leaves any smouldering residue. However, to allay any fears we have produced the following video of the dispenser delivering metered charges directly onto molten lead at over 330 degrees C. To see video click Here .  Every opportunity was given to permit a flash back into the reservoir but as can be seen from the video nothing happened. On some of the dispensed measures the nozzle was 1/8” above the lead. If anyone has any queries or doubts about this video we will be pleased to discuss.


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