Herco can be difficult to obtain. What alternatives could I use?

Feed back from customers has indicated that Blue Dot and Unique can be used as alternative powders.


We recently made some provisional test of both these powders with interesting results.


Initially the amount of powder delivered from our standard dispenser was measured. The results were as follows-

· Using Blue dot the nominal measure delivered was 5.7 grains

· Using Unique the nominal measure delivered was 4.1 grains


For more details see table of dispenser measures click here


Bear in mind Blue Dot burns slower than Herco and Unique is slightly faster.


The Blue Dot in our tests, using a 0.457” ball lubricated with Alox gave the most accurate results.  On the day the results were superior to Herco.


 Unique by comparison felt more lively than Herco. The resulting group was not as tight as that obtained using Herco.


These tests are not definitive and are to some degree subjective. Maybe, the concentration of the reviewer was more focus at the start of the tests using Blue Dot.


We would welcome customer feedback on alternative powders and experiences using the powders discussed.


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