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The handgun ban in the UK deprived many subjects the right and opportunity to own and use cartridge handguns. Fortunately muzzle loading handguns were exempt from this ban. Muzzle loading handguns are defined as guns loaded from the muzzle end with a loose charge of powder and projectile. The Law did not specify or limit what type of powder could be used or limit the type of ignition.

The committee that contributed to the drafting of the ban looked at the frequency of crimes using muzzle loading weapons and concluded there was no basis to include them in the ban.

They also considered the attraction of muzzle loading weapons to criminals and concluded that there was little or no evidence to suggest that criminal gangs were about to adopt them as their weapon of choice.

The concession to muzzle loading handguns has enabled some in the Gun Trade to innovate and develop handguns that embrace the letter of the Law but operate with modern powders and primer systems.

At Anvil Conversions we convert muzzle loading revolvers originally manufactured to operate with black powder and convert them to operate with modern nitro powders.

There are many advantages to this type of conversion that enable many shooters to participate in handgun sports.

Whilst these handguns are fun to use they are of limited attraction to the criminal. It would be hard to imagine a drug dealer equipped with muzzle loading revolver being caught up in a turf war with a rival equipped with a Uzi !


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