Why Herco?


Herco has been selected as the powder of choice by ANVIL CONVERSIONS for the following reasons


The grain size of Herco is greater than 1.4 mm. This ensures that powder does not drop from the main chamber into the primer pocket when reloading.


According to the LEE reloading manual, for any given weight of nitro powder you can extract about the same power. However, the burn characteristics vary considerably. A fast powder will give a significantly higher breach pressure which will reduce rapidly has the projectile travels along the barrel. This can be potentially useful in short barrelled weapons. A longer barrelled weapon using a slower burning powder can achieve the same muzzle performance without subjecting the breach to excessively high pressures. A high breach pressure results in a higher initial acceleration of the projectile. This is undesirable in a converted revolver as the revolver is designed to operate with soft lead balls. A lead ball when forced into the barrel has a relatively small contact area with the rifling. A high pressure can force the ball too rapidly against the rifling causing the rifling to strip the lead away from the ball. This results in the rifling being ineffective and no spin being imparted to the ball. Herco is about the 25th fastest powder (in terms of burn rate) in the HODGDON burn rate table and with the maximum charge weights quoted by ANVIL CONVERSIONS results in the best optimum performance in terms of power and accuracy.




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