What factors contribute to accuracy?


From our tests the optimum combination of power and accuracy is achieved using a pure lead ball, lubricated with Alox, and the maximum recommended measure of Herco. This is not the same as achieving maximum accuracy. By reducing the charge, the ball will become more stable albeit at the cost of muzzle velocity. This is achieved by the slower entry of the bullet into the barrel. A slower entry reduces the tendency for rifle stripping resulting in a better fit of the ball to the barrel. This in turn with lower pressure driving the ball, producing less gas cutting past the ball as it accelerates along the length of the barrel. At the point of muzzle exit less gas cutting reduces the possibility of a jet effect acting on one side of the projectile. In effect gas escapes equally around the perimeter of the base on exit from the barrel.  These factors contribute to greater accuracy. As with all guns, determining the best combination of powder type and charge weight is down to trial and error but never exceed the recommended loads.


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