These revolvers were originally manufactured as black powder revolvers and some are clearly stamped with “Black Powder Only”. How safe are they?


All firearms offered for sale in the UK must be proof marked by an approved proof house. All ANVIL CONVERSIONS revolvers have been proofed and stamped in accordance with UK legislation

The proof houses (Birmingham and London)  test the revolvers with the manufacturer’s nominated projectile, make of powder and maximum powder charge plus 10%. Yes 10% i.e. if the recommended charge by weight is 4.5 grains the proof house will test the revolver with 4.95 grains of the recommended powder. This does not leave a great margin for error! Hence the importance of never exceeding the recommended loads.

However, as a responsible manufacturer of firearm components we ensure that our products are safe. In this endeavour we have extensively tested our products to ensure that they exceed the minimum legal requirements and subject to being used in accordance with the operating instructions will give many years of safe operation and service.





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