Does the use of Nitro not detract from the fun of black powder muzzle loading shooting ?

There is no denying black powder shooting is great fun and to many purists there never will be any other substitute. As one respondent stated “nitro is not historically correct” and he was correct. However, a significant number of muzzle loaders use Pyrodex or Triple 7 both not historically correct but both have the advantages of not needing an explosives licence and both make the cleaning of a firearm a lot easier. There are a lot of black powder muzzle loading revolvers in use made of stainless steel, again not historically correct, but never the less a good material when used with black powder.  At Anvil Conversions we anticipated that our main customers would be from black powder muzzle loaders. Yes, we are already taking advance orders from black powder shooters but where we are being surprised is by the number of enquires from those who held handguns prior to the ban who are now viewing our products as a way of resurrecting their interest in handguns without resorting to black powder. We have been demonstrating our products and giving interested parties the opportunity to use them first hand. To date most who have tried the revolvers have expressed an interest in purchasing.


If you find yourself declining opportunities to go for a shoot because you don’t have the time to clean your revolver due to pressure of time, purchase one of our revolvers as well as keeping your black powder guns, the best of both worlds! I personally shoot both traditional and nitro powders and select on any given occasion what I think is appropriate.


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