Spare Black Powder Cylinders

Every time we convert a revolver to operate with nitro powder we manufacture a new cylinder. As a result we have a significant store of the original black powder cylinders. We have a number of cylinders available for the following makes and calibres-


Uberti 1858 Remington in 0.44 Black


Uberti 1858 Remington in 0.44 Stainless Steel



Recent changes to the guidance to Chief Police Officers permits the holding of additional cylinders subject to the additional cylinder being quoted on a FAC.


Cylinders can be swapped for old and/or damaged cylinders without changes to a FAC.


Whether you require additional cylinders and have FAC approval or you have a worn or damaged cylinder that you would like swapped for a new cylinder we can, subject to availability, supply cylinders for

15.00 Each.


Note that these cylinders come complete with nipples.



In addition your local dealer may charge a handling fee.