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Please note all guns are subject to availability


Uberti 1858 New Army 0.44 cal with 8” barrel all black frame       £666.00


Uberti 1858 New Army 0.44 cal with 5.5” barrel all black frame    £666.00


The Renegade— Uberti New Army 0.44 with 5.5” barrel Stainless

Steel                                                                                                         £721.00


The Renegade— Uberti New Army 0.44 with 8” barrel

Stainless Steel                                                                                          £721.00


The Renegade— Uberti New Army 0.44 with 8” barrel

Stainless Steel with with target sights                                                   £730.00


Conversion of a Uberti New Model Army in stainless steel to

Renegade spec (Revolvers already owned by customers)     From     £355.00


Spare Stainless Steel Renegade  cylinder and back plate

Only available to purchasers of either new Renegade revolvers

Or having their own revolver converted                                              £275.00  



One shot powder dispenser MK2                                                            £75.00

Supplied with 2 x 30ml clear plastic bottles & caps

Available in three slide sizes HJ. HA and GD

(see table in One Shot Powder Dispenser in OUR PRODUCTS)



Upgrade kit comprising brass interface (connecting plastic bottle to dispenser body) + 2 x 30 ml clear plastic bottles & cap                     £13.00

P&P on this product is currently £4.00



Spare 30 ml clear plastic bottle + cap for powder dispenser MK2     £1.00


Set of 6 Shotgun Primer Pocket Nipple Replacements £36.00


Spare Black Powder cylinders - see our cylinders for sale  page 




All the above prices include VAT.


Where appropriate an additional cost will apply to cover postage and packaging.

This cost is dependent on delivery zone.


Where a face to face sale cannot be made we will despatch firearms to an RFD of your choice. Typically an RFD will charge around £20.00 for this service.


All prices are correct at time of publishing but are subject to exchange rate fluctuations and supplier costs.


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