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The only consistent way to ignite nitro powder in the chamber is by the use of a modern primer, of the type used in modern cartridges. Most nitro powdered revolvers make use of shotgun primers. Being large, as primers go, they are easy to handle and to locate in the primer pocket and give a very positive ignition. Black powder ignition can be erratic with instances of caps failing to ignite due to fouling of the nipples or insufficient hammer pressure and/ or just badly fitting caps. There are also instances of the cap firing but failing to ignite the main charge. To date, using nitro and shotgun primers I have not had one single shot fail. I realise that one day I will find that faulty primer, but Iím still waiting.


Once you fire the nitro pistol you will be taken by the much reduced fouling from modern nitro powders. At the end of a shooting session a 10 to 15 minute cleaning routine is all that is necessary to maintain the revolver.



Ever tried black powder indoor shooting? Consider the almost non existent smoke Nitro produces and indoor pistol shooting will never be the same again. The use of greased wads and over ball lubricants are often cause for complaint on indoor ranges shared with prone rifle shooters who object to the wads and grease left on the floor following muzzle loading shooting. The nitro pistol expressly forbids the use of greased wads and over cylinder lubricants for safety reasons. The recommended lubricant is Alox, which is applied to the ball and permitted to harden prior to use. This is clean to handle and leaves no fats or wads to be dropped onto the floor.


Once mastered the time taken to reload is minimal and if considered against the time taken to reload cartridge cases using a basic press, less time overall is devoted to the reloading process plus no dirty cases to clean!


I built the first of these guns for my own use because I could not obtain any nitro powered guns that could be reloaded with the cylinder retained within the frame. Yes there are many well built nitro conversions out there but I couldnít be bothered with having to remove the cylinder every time I reloaded.


The basic design is based on the Richards Ė Mason cartridge conversions of the 1870s which to my eye make very attractive guns.


I find the pleasure of firing these guns second to none and have brought the models currently available to the UK market to enable others to share the same pleasure.

Why Nitro?


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