One shot Nitro powder dispenser MK2

Part of our philosophy is of continuous improvement and an integral part of this process is listening to our customers.


The original dispenser works well but questions have been raised by users and range officers regarding the safety of enclosing the powder in a brass bottle. In response to this we have carried out extensive tests and have found no evidence of the dispensers being at any more risk than traditional black powder throwers. In reality because of the dog leg nature of the delivery mechanism and the stability of nitro powders, the original dispenser is safer in use, than a black powder flask. However, we would not recommend the dispenser reservoir being full of nitro powder when the device is in transit. In the event of a vehicle fire the brass bottle could become a potential bomb! We have been steering our customers towards buying one of our plastic bottles in either 30ml or 100ml sizes for the transportation on nitro powder.


In response to safety concerns, the repeated requests for a larger reservoir and the ability to monitor the powder level within the reservoir during usage, we are proud to now offer the MK2 dispenser shown in this web page.


We have modified the interface between the reservoir and the dispenser body to enable the reservoir to be a plastic bottle. The dispenser is supplied with two clear 30ml bottles and plastic lids. These can be screwed directly onto the dispenser.


From a safety perspective, in a fire scenario, the plastic bottle will easily burst and the nitro would “fizzle” out. The clear plastic bottles enable monitoring of the powder level during use.


The plastic powder reservoir has a capacity of approx. 260 grains dependent on powder used. This would give 60 measures of 4.3 grains of Herco powder.


The dispenser body is manufactured of brass, to eliminate “sparking”, a feature of ferrous metals, so preventing premature ignition of the contents.


The slide carrier is set in production to deliver a predetermined measure of nitro powder.


To deliver a measure of powder the dispenser is held vertically and the plunger pressed fully home.

An accurate charge of powder is then delivered from the nozzle.


Dispensers are now available in nominal 3gn, 3.5gn and 4.3 delivery of Herco powder.


Spare capped plastic reservoir bottles are available. The spare bottles can be pre charged with Nitro powder enabling the quick replacement of empty reservoirs.

Disclaimer/ copyright statement

The slide of the dispenser is stamped with a code. In the case shown HJ relates to a delivery of a nominal 4.3 Grains of Herco. Other optional slides/codes are indicated on the table above

Please note that both the original dispenser and the MK2 have certificates of Registration of Design issued by the Intellectual Property Office


Changes to Design Law in 2014 make the intentional copying of a registered design a criminal offence


We are obliged to declare our intellectual property interests to prevent anyone who might be unaware of the existence of same, breaching the law by copying our products.


Due to difficulties in obtaining Herco and the desire of customers to explore the use of other powders we have drawn up a table of Slide designation vs powder dispensed by powder name.  The average was taken over 30 measures of a single powder dispensed.